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The world’s first (and last) cybersecurity meditation app 

Stressed by cyber threats, data breaches, and the blame for everything else? CISOasis is your new safe space. Explore 12+ meditation tracks to help you find your cybersecurity zen and beat burnout.

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Bite-sized meditations that allow you to achieve inner peace - without making you late for that urgent weekend Zoom call. Just because it took Buddha three lifetimes to reach Nirvana, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a coffee break.


Whether you’re facing the existential dread of 1,000 critical issues in your cloud or navigating the waters of vendor vetting, our app offers tailored meditations for every situation you may face as a CISO.


Join a welcoming community of CISOs on a journey from breaches to bliss — and compete in weekly leaderboards to become the humblest user.

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You’ve tried to meditate at your desk, but the only thing you’re mindful of is your inbox filling up with security alerts.


The phrase ‘lateral movement’ triggers not just a cloud audit but an existential one.


You find yourself explaining the importance of multi-factor authentication as a metaphor for balancing the mind, body, and soul. 


You’ve considered naming your stress ‘malware’ because it infiltrates your peace of mind without permission.


You want to be the CISO of your soul and the architect of your peace.


“Frankly, it works too well!!! Now I’m soooo zen that I don’t mind if someone from DevOps asks me about my security measures”

Wally, DevOps Engineer/Yoga Instructor 

"Thanks to CISOasis, every developer wants to merge their pull requests into my repository!"

Bill, Cloud Security Engineer

“Time saver! I used to waste my downtime trying to balance D&R by sending even more emails. Unfortunately, I spent more time relaxing than thinking about work. But with CISOasis, doing both has never been easier!”

Stephanie, Junior-Senior Analyst Supervising Supervisor 

“Any chance to spend more time distracted by my phone at work is a good thing”

Dave, Cloud Security Engineer 

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Bill, CEO

Our Relaxed Users 


Q: Will meditation help me decrypt my feelings and inner thoughts?

A: Absolutely! By peering into our own soul through meditation, CISOasis users can test their own vulnerabilities to determine which emotional buckets should be exposed. 

Q: Can CISOasis prevent cyber attacks? 

A: While we can’t guarantee a reduction in cyber threats, we’re committed to reducing your stress levels about them. 

Q: Does the app achieve enough of a Zen state to understand my developers?

A: Enlightenment leads to deeper understanding. Even the mysterious ways of developers can be decoded. So, technically, yes! But legally? “Results may vary”.

Q: Can I trust CISOasis?

A: Yes. While we advocate for a Zero Trust Zen, we do recommend trusting random apps you find online. You should only have zero-trust in people who still use IMDSv1 in their cloud. 

Q: I don’t have headphones, should I use speakers? 

A: Come on, we know you got the most expensive noise-canceling headphones that money can buy on your desk. 

Don’t wait for a zero-day exploit to discover inner peace. Secure your serenity with CISOasis now. 

Don’t wait for a zero-day exploit to discover inner peace.
Secure your serenity with CISOasis now. 

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CISOasis is your go-to app to unwind from the endless security alerts, the 2 AM breach panics, and, of course, the classic "it's probably nothing" turning into "we need to talk”. 

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